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【篇一:留学个人陈述范文】 A top student of international finance at the Beijing University, probably China's best institution of higher learning, I would like to scale higher intellectual heights by undertaking advanced studies in your Master's program。 Such studies will help me fulfill a dream that I have inherited from my parents: the eradication of poverty in China。 Although I grew up almost a pampered kid, I have learned of the scourge of poverty from my parents by listening to their stories about their childhood。 My father, now a well-known professor of chemistry at the Sichuan University, was almost starved to death in the 1960s when his home village was mired in famine like many other parts of China。 My mother, a manager of personnel with a major Chinese corporation, saw her youthful years slipping away in the chaotic "cultural revolution" period。 Braving their trial and tribulation, they have always worked hard and are now well-established in their own careers。 But they want more than a good life for themselves。 They want to help make sure that no one in China will have to suffer in the future the way they did in the 1960s。 Prodded by my parents' high expectations, I have studied diligently over the years, drawing constant inspiration from the learning spirit prevalent on the campus of the Sichuan University, where my family had our home。 While in primary and high school, I was always recognized as the best student, for which I was sent to numerous national and provincial contests and earned many awards。 These include a First Prize in the National Physics Contest of High School Students and a Second Prize of the Sichuan Mathematics Contest of High School Students。 The hard work paid off in my impressive performance in the 1995 National University Entrance Examinations, with which I won acceptance into the School of Economics at the Beijing University, described as the Harvard of China by President Bill Clinton on his recent trip to China。(北京大学在中国很有名气,但老外也不一定知道,像这里这种介绍方法就很有力量。) At the Beijing University, I have been exposed systematically to concepts and theories of international finance and economics。 At the time I entered into the university, I did not know much about economics。 My parents, in their zeal to make me an economist, had chosen the major for me。 I am now so glad that they did so。 The clear logic and advanced mathematics inherent in the economic analyses and hypotheses have particularly fascinated me。 From Adam smith's Wealth of the Nation to the Game Theory by Nash to J。 M。 Keyes to Samuelson, I have been inculcated in virtually all the great works of economics。 One of the good things about Beijing University is that it teaches the students not only knowledge but also how they can do research themselves。 I have thus been trained in a variety of research methodologies。 I now understand how great economists grasp the economic reality and appreciate their readiness to ask questions on things that other people may take for granted。 I recognize there are no perfect answer to some of the questions in economics, such as "how to deal with the ethical components in economy?" Basking in the academic freedom that Beijing University cultivates, I have devoted more of my time to doing research myself than doing the assignments。 Although an economics major, I have learned most of the courses in the mathematics department。 In my economics studies, I feel that mathematics is critically important in modern economics, as some modern theories of economics are demonstrated by pure mathematical induction。 Seeing that mathematics courses in my department were too easy for me and too simple for more abstruse economics, I got the textbooks for the math majors and taught myself what they were learning, auditing in some of the classes of the Department of Mathematics。 Never content with just performing well in my exams, I have been keen in obtaining hands-on experience。 To understand the real problems in real life and thus put what I have learned from books into practice, I joined an investigation group organized by the University to investigate some big state-owned enterprises in Shanxi Province in the summer of 1997。 We found, much to our horror, that many of the enterprises were plagued by chaotic management, big losses and a lot of redundant workers。 On the basis of careful research, I now think that a way to save them is to institute a shareholding system for the enterprises so that the management can be held accountable to the investors。 From September to November in 1997, I got a good chance to help sort out documentary materials for the central government's Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation at its Department of American & Oceanian Affairs。 On that job, I learned a lot about international trade。 In the summer of 1998, I worked for the Special Appliances for Labor Protection Company in my hometown Chengdu, advising the manager on how to improve the company's managing and marketing system。 Some of my advice was readily accepted。 To have a taste of the stock market in China, I invested 2, 000 RMB in the stock market in January 1996。 From May to November in 1996, the prices of stocks soared, and as a result, I earned over 900 RMB, which I promptly donated to a charity project for the education of poor children in the rural areas。 But hard times hit me in December 1996, when the government threw cold water on the excessive speculation by vowing not to prop up the stock market in any circumstances。 The prices of stocks plummeted immediately, and I lost about 300 RMB。 From the sudden fluctuations, I learned that the Chinese were still inexperienced investors and that the regulatory regime over the stock exchanges needed a lot of improvements。 I have also acted as a private tutor for a 15-year-old boy for a year。 I taught him mathematics and English and improved his grades in the two subjects from C to B。 This way, I not only earned some money but also get some experience of teaching。 Through the above and other activities, I have enriched my experiences gained a profound understanding of my motherland and its urgent need for quality economists。 I have made up my mind to devote my life to the research and teaching of Economics。 To achieve this career, I must pursue more advanced studies。 I have already learned economics in probably the best economics program in China。 To meet higher intellectual challenges, I think it is best that I do graduate studies in a Western university。 With the knowledge I have learned at Beijing University and the practical experiences I have gained in recent years, I am confident that I can meet the requirements for acceptance。 My goal is to become a professor teaching economics in a Chinese university after I complete my graduate studies To pursue studies abroad, I have achieved an excellent command of English。 I have read many economics essays written in English and helped translate English essays for professor Hu, my teacher, when she is too busy。 To improve my oral English, I have frequented the English Corner on the Beijing University campus, where students often gather to conduct conversations in English。 I have also watched many American movies in English。 Now, I can talk with the foreign students in my department fluently。 I do believe that I will have no trouble studying in English in America。 With anticipation and excitement, I am now applying for acceptance into your graduate program in economics。 As a student, I have achieved excellence in China, and I should achieve no less in the US。 The combination of my quality education in both China and the US should send me soaring into an enlightened intellectual realm, from which I shall finally see the light at the end of the tunnel for China's problem of poverty。 I can, and I should, help realize my parents' dream。 (好文章应当首尾呼应。第一段提到父母的梦想,结尾时重新着眼于这个梦想,文章就变得强有力了。)So I sincerely ask you to consider my application favorably。 【篇二:出国留学个人陈述的范文】 Accepted at Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Chicago Kent Rejected: DePaul, Ohio State, University of Chicago Waitlisted: Wisconsin, Loyola Chicago While attending the University of Illinois, I have enjoyed many opportunities to learn about the environment while developing an interest in the law。 Hands-on experiences in the lab, field work across the state, and lectures from leading researchers engaged my mind and captured my interest。 Studying ecology and the world’s environmental problems has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the environment as well as a desire to learn how attorneys utilize regulatory systems to protect it。 Participating in an undergraduate research project on climate change, interning in a methylmercury lab, and taking an environmental law class have inspired me to attend law school to pursue my interest in learning how the law can address environmental problems。 During spring semester 2006, I began a research project on climate change under the direction of Dr。 Tony Endress。 We analyzed climate data from the past 100 years to investigate how the observed variations affected the phenology of Illinois flora。 The engaging research revealed the extent to which climate change alters the function and timing of processes in ecosystems。 I continued researching environmental problems last summer with the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center。 As an intern in Dr。 Robert Hudson’s lab at the University of Illinois, I conducted a research project on methylmercury in crayfish and odonates from the Piasa Creek Watershed in southeastern Illinois。 Methylmercury, a widespread neurotoxin especially hazardous to developing organisms, is found throughout the world’s aquatic ecosystems and poses a threat to public and ecosystem health。 Although I enjoyed contributing to the academic community with my research, I wanted to do something more tangible about the problems I studied。 Applying the law to diminish threats to human and environmental well-being would simultaneously achieve social and environmental justice, benefiting both humans and nature。 Both research endeavors have been fascinating, rewarding projects, but research alone cannot satisfy me professionally。 The legal system makes connections between science and regulatory policy, allowing the results of scientific research to engender change that benefits society。 My research projects inspired me to learn how to use the law to improve ecosystem quality and to protect human well-being。 I am interested in developing policies that protect species from hazardous exposure to methylmercury and other toxins by reducing their abundance in ecosystems。 In law school, I hope to learn how to craft a practical regulatory system that mitigates the negative effects of climate change on society and the environment。 As a lawyer, I want to apply science through the law to make a positive change in the world。 While my research projects directed me towards specific issues to examine in a legal context, studying the law as an undergraduate inspires me to explore deeper aspects of legal structures and how they affect environmental well-being in law school。 Last semester in environmental law class, I found my niche。 Reading and discussing cases in class captured my interest every day because I felt passionate about each issue and was fascinated by the legal arguments used in each situation。 Although the course focused on many cases and a variety of legal issues, at the end of the class I wanted to know more。 Continuing my legal studies in law school will provide the tools I need to achieve my goal of applying science through the law, thus improving human and environmental wellbeing。 With my future aspirations in mind, I look forward to the rewarding challenges of law school。 【篇三:金融工程留学个人陈述】 在我看来金融工程是一种创新、创造技术,一种对金融工具、金融手段和系统的创造和创新技术,一种平衡收益和风险的技术。它包含了数学,计算机,金融方面的知识,是一门充满了趣味的交叉学科,而数学知识和数学模型是这个学科中必不可少的核心内容:马科维茨的投资组合选择理论,夏普的资本资产定价模型,Black-Scholes的期权定价模型以及考克斯等人的“二项式”模型正是这种核心地位的体现。 In my opinion, the Financial Engineering is a kind of creative technology to the Financial Instruments, Financial Means and system。 It used to balance the benefits and venture as an interesting interdisciplinary subject。 It covers many fields such as mathematics, computer science and finance, in which the mathematics and mathematical modeling are the two main aspects of the Financial Engineering。 The Investment Portfolio Theory of Markowitz, the capital asset pricing model of the Sharp, Option Pricing Model of Black-Scholes and “Binomial” model of Cox can best reflect the critical position of the two subjects。 我有幸选择了数学与应用数学这个专业,在三年和它的接触了解中,使我对数学,尤其对数学建模有了较深的理解和体会。(记得第一次去听清华大学XX系姜启源教授的讲座,他在讲座上举了一个“现实生活中的数学”例子:“1公斤面, 1公斤馅, 包100个饺子;若馅比 1公斤多, 应多包几个, 还是少包几个呢? ” 是这个生动、形象、富于生活气息的包饺子问题把我领进了数学建模的世界。) I am glad to choose mathematics and applied mathematics。 Three years’ study had deepened my understanding of them, especially of mathematical modeling。 (It still occurs to me when I went to attend the class of XX department given by Professor Jiang qiyuan in Tsinghua University for the first time。 “1 kilogram of flour added with 1 kilogram of stuffing can make 100 dumplings, but what if the stuffing is more than 1 kilogram?” He used a very simple, vivid and interesting example which aroused my interest and led me into the mathematical modeling world。 第一次和数学建模亲密接触是在05年的暑假,我有幸参加了学校组织的数学建模培训。经验丰富的数学老师们通过实实在在的例子告诉我们什么是数学建模。给我印象最深的是一个关于SARS的例子:2003年,SARS爆发并在世界范围内传播,严重影响到我国经济发展和人民生活,定量的研究SARS的传播规律并建立数学模型预测和控制传染病蔓延成为数学工作者必须解决的问题……于是Logistic回归便成为我永恒的记忆。为期2周的数学建模培训,给我留下的不仅是一个个经典的数学模型,更重要的是一份澎湃的激情和一份冷静的思考:数学和数学建模是人类的守护神,因为有了她的存在,人类的生存和发展才有条不紊的继续着;那么当SARS病毒肆无忌惮时,当AIDS病毒肆意侵蚀人们肉体时,一个热爱数学、热爱数学建模,更加热爱生命的人能够做些什么? The first time I kissed the mathematical modeling was in the summer vacation of 2005, when I got a good opportunity to attend the mathematical modeling training organized by our school。 Seasoned mathematics teachers told me what on earth the mathematical modeling is through some existing examples, in which the one about SARS impressed me most。 In 2003, SARS broke out and shrouded rapidly to the whole world, which imperiled our economic development and people’s living。 Therefore, study on its spreading regularity and building the mathematical modeling for predicting and controlling its extension had become the “Archimedes Heels” for all mathematicians… So, the Logistic regression has been carved in my memory。 Two weeks’ training has presented me with a kind of passion and calm thinking much more than just those classical mathematical models。 As the patron saint of our human-beings, the existence of Mathematics and mathematical modeling are maintaining our subsistence and development. Then, when SARS ran rio, when we are suffering from the pain of AIDS, what can I do as a mathematics and mathematical modeling lover who loves life so much? 怀着这份激情和思考,在大二的秋天,我第一次尝试了运用数学建模的知识去解决实际问题,我和另外两名队员代表学校参加了全国大学生数学建模比赛作文http://Www.ZuoWen8.coM/。比赛要求结合数据对长江水质做出定量评价,分析各地区的水质污染;并对未来长江水质污染发展趋势做出预测分析,制定污水处理计划。长达17页的数据和多个评价指标对我们来说着实是个挑战!究竟应该选择哪些数据?怎样综合考虑多个指标?我们尝试了近一天,推翻了以前建立的种种模型,有好几次都被弄得想要放弃,是队友间的相互鼓励的力量和锲而不舍的精神让我们最终找到了自己满意的模型:综合指数法模型评价长江水质,既体现水质的各种评价因子,又能反映主要污染物对水质的突出作用;通过多元线性回归拟合预测未来水质污染,建立线性优化模型,制定污水处理计划。我们小组的参赛论文获北京市二等奖。三天三夜的建模经历,那份澎湃的激情已经渐渐平息,取而代之的是更加冷静的思考:数学建模创造、创新,成功地解决问题依赖于扎实的数学基础知识和过硬的数学建模能力;依赖于不拘一格的创新思维和创造能力;还依赖于对多方面知识的了解和积累。 Pocketed with this passion and thinking, I tasted to use mathematical modeling into practice and solve the practical problems by attending the National College Mathematical Modeling Contest with the other two schoolmates on behalf of our college. It required us to evaluate the water quality of Changjiang River according to the data, through which we had to analyze the water pollution in every region and predict the trend of it in the future. Finally we had to bring out the plan against it. It was really a challenge for us towards flood of data and estimations as long as 17 pages. We tried almost a whole day only to filter those data and take the evaluations into comprehensive account. Pulling down various models we had built before, we were so defeated that we wanted to give up many times. However, we finally found the satisfactory model thanks to our encouragement to each other which armed us with full strength to go further.We managed to evaluate the water quality by Composite index model, which could not only represent the evaluation factors, but also reflect the main impacts of the contaminations to the water pollution. We predicted the future water pollution through multiple linear regressions fitting and brought out the plan against it by building linear optimization model. Finally, we got the second prize in Beijing for our thesis. Three days’ and nights’ modeling experience had cooled our passion and gave us even more calm thinking instead. The creation of the mathematical modeling, along with the successful solution to the problems through it lied on the solid mathematics foundation, strong modeling ability, accumulation of the knowledge on different fields, unique creative ideas and creativity. 参加数学建模比赛的经历更加激发起我的学习兴趣,使我在学习数学理论的同时更加注重它们的应用性。除此之外,我抓住一切可能的机会再次参加实际的数学建模。大三的上学期,我有幸参加了为期3天的电工数学建模实习:给某大型运动会比赛项目排序。由于对图论知识很熟悉,我很快将问题转化为寻找最佳Hamilton回路。接近87亿种不同的排序的数据量,比上次的全国数模竞赛更大,我的算法运行时间相当长而且运行的结果也很不理想。这种情况的发生不仅仅没有打消我的积极性,反而使我的情绪高涨,这是人生中难得的自我考验,自我提高的机会!通过查询资料改用遗传算法,运行时间和结果都大大提高.最后成功地完成这次实习.这次实习给我的感触很大,一个数学模型是否能够完美地解决实际问题还要考虑其运算成本,实际问题不仅需要一个成功的模型还需要一个快速有效的算法。 The experience from this contest further aroused my interest in mathematics. I began to pay more attention to its application as well as learning the theories. In addition, I tried to catch every opportunity to take part in the practical mathematical modeling. My efforts finally rewarded when I was in the first term as a junior. I had a chance to participate in the 3-day electrician mathematical modeling practice——classifying the sports programs for a big sports meeting. Being familiar with the Graph Theory, I immediately found the way to solve the problems by seeking the best Hamilton circuit line. Facing the nearly 8.7 billion data files with different orders much more than that on the National Mathematical Modeling Contest, I spent a long time on Algorithm without any perfect result. I wasn’t defeated towards this case, but so excited instead that I could have such a chance to challenge and improve myself. Looking up dozens of files, I finally made a perfect end of the practice by using the Genetic Algorithm into full account. It needs both a successful model and an effective arithmetic to solve these problems. , which largely shortened the operation time and improved the operation result. I learnt a lot from this practice. I came to know that to build successful mathematics modeling that can effectively solve the practical problems, we must take the operation cost 电工数模实习结束后,浓厚的学习兴趣和电工数学实习的教训促使我和数学系、计算机系几名同学共同筹划并创建“数学建模沙龙”,将计算机算法和数学模型共同作为沙龙的主题。每周二下午,我们会组织有兴趣的同学一起,以传授经验、分享心得、共同思考、共同讨论的方法学习和交流数学思想和算法。传统的运输问题、储存问题和新兴的模拟退火算法、蚂蚁算法都曾成为我们的讨论话题。通过这个活动我从数学系和计算机系的同学身上分享了更多的知识,他们的思维方式,处理问题的方法!到目前为止这个活动仍然在进行着,参加的人数也越来越多.带动了学校的一个学习热潮,我为此感到非常的兴奋! Summarizing my failures in the mathematical modeling electrician practice and proceeding from my interest in this field, I began to think of collaborating on the “Mathematical Modeling Saloon” with several students from mathematics and computer departments, taking the Computer Algorithms and mathematical modeling as the two themes of the book. Every Tuesday afternoon, we would organized those students interested in this field to study and exchange the ideas and arithmetic by imparting experience, sharing what we learnt, pondering together and discussing with each other. Both the traditional transportation & storage problems and the modern Stimulated Annealing Arithmetic (SAA), Ant Algorithm have ever been the topic of our discussion, from which I have learnt many thinking styles and methods to the problems from the students both in mathematics and computer department. So far, I am excited to see that this activity is still in the wind with more and more participants and it aroused a learning upsurge in our college. 在老师的推荐下,大三暑假,我参加了邢永丽老师的教学改革项目——“提高数学课堂教学质量”的结果分析。04-05年,邢老师在她和其他几个数学老师的任课班级上做了课堂互动的教学实践,其数据大多以调查问卷等文字形式出现。此模型的特点让我马上联想到模糊数学定量分析模型,但敢于尝试新模型的念头让我最后选择了AHP层次分析法。通过量化数据,应用AHP层次分析法定量分析老师的综合素质、授课技巧等因素在师生互动、提高数学课堂教学质量中所起的作用,得出教师的授课技巧和课堂问题设置在课堂互动中所占分量最重的结论,并和邢老师合作完成《层次分析法在课堂互动教学效果评价中的应用》论文,邢老师和我对论文都非常满意,已向多个期刊投稿并有望发表。 Recommended by my teacher, I have participated in the Teaching Reform Program of Mrs. Xing yongli——the results analysis of “Improving the mathematics teaching quality on class”. Mrs. Xing, along with some other mathematics teachers experienced the class mutual activities in 2004 to 2005 with the character data files in form of paper investigations. For this style of data files, I finally used the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) as a creative challenge instead of the fuzzy mathematical quantitative analysis models, which firstly knocked my mind. By quantitating data and using the AHP, I succeeded in analyzing how the overall quality of the teachers and their teaching skills work in improving the mathematics teaching quality on class, from which we got the conclusion that the teaching skills and the way to put forward questions on class play the most important role in the class mutual activities. Besides, Mrs. Xing collaborated with me on the thesis named “The Application of Analytic Hierarchy Processinto the Evaluation of Class Mutual Activities”. Both of us were satisfied with this thesis and contributed it to many presses to be published. 和数学建模一样,金融工程的灵魂是创新思维和创造能力,而数学和数学建模知识在金融工程的应用更让我对这门学科充满了兴趣;更s重要的是,金融工程技术能给人们的生活、社会的稳定、国家的发展做出重要贡献,我想这个也更加符合我学习数学建模的初衷。 Similar with the mathematical modeling, the soul of the Financial Engineering is also the creativity. Therefore, the perfect application of the mathematics and mathematical modeling into the Financial Engineering once more surged my enthusiasm in this field. Furthermore, the Financial Engineering plays the important part in people’s living, social stability and the national development, which is my original intention to choose this field I think. 【篇四:留学申请时 个人陈述该注意哪些方面】 个人陈述(PS)是留学文书中最重要的部分,也是最能抓住申请审核学校教授眼光的部分,对于那些弱招录委员会的审核教授,GPA不是硬伤,T成绩也无伤大雅,有无论文发表,教授推荐信含金量重不重都不是最关键的。最重要的是你所提交的个人陈述,是不是教授最想看到的。 下面把整个留学文书的写作技巧全部放在这里,毕竟3个板块一气呵成,缺一不可,有不清楚的部分欢迎交流沟通 留学文书写作三部曲:构思——创作——完善 留学文书只有一次机会,审阅Naster的老师每天要收看查阅几十或上百份申请,分配到你文书上的时间可能不到3分钟,3分钟的时间就能决定录用或是拒绝。这和高考作文有几分相似。但不同的是,高考作文按照常规的写作套路来,也能拿到不低的分数,而不够突出的留学申请带来的后果就是:直接被pass掉! 1、两点建议: (1)针对强招录委员会,你的各项指标一定要足够强悍(分数牛得不行),强悍到得到委员会所有成员的一致认可。如果在审核留学文书过程中,有一个老师站出来对你的材料持反对意见,那么I’m sorry,你肯定会被pass掉! Eg:University of Wisconsin的CS系有位很喜欢你的老师,他和你大学的某位教授是同学,看过你教授的推荐信,对你爱不释手,恨不得招收你做他的RA,但是很抱歉,强录委员会有一个老师对你材料的某些地方有意见,你就得被pass掉。即使那个喜欢你的老师是委员会主席也不行。 (2)针对弱招录委员会,你要做的就是最大限度地巴结好可能成为你未来导师的人,他掌握着你生杀大权的70%。只要他愿意要你,不选择rejection按钮,你基本就能成功地拿到offer了。大多数名牌高校或热门专业的招录委员会都是强委员会性质的。弱委员会的相对于全球50左右排名的高校要多一些,针对这类学校,GPA不是硬伤,T成绩也无伤大雅,有无论文发表,教授推荐信含金量重不重都不是最关键的。最重要的是你所申请的研究方向和研究项目是这位老师非常“稀罕”的,他从心底里接受你了,弄个委员会过来走个过程,你基本就能拿到offer了。这类留学文书写得四平八稳、规规矩矩的,按照基本的套路来写,基本上不会出现什么大的问题。 2、构思篇:你想展示什么? 留学文书其实是你个人的广告。要重点突出,形象鲜明!留学文书的目标只有一个——展示你自己!让看到文书的招生官相信你就是他们想要的人才。你想展示什么? 每一篇成功的essay,都是一种比较有针对性的自我介绍,聚焦于申请表格提出的两个问题:1、回答"Who am I"——个人陈述;2、回答"What can I provide",针对这两个问题,申请者基本可以围绕以下三个方面进行作答: (1)申请者的学术或专业兴趣及背景 (2)欲研究的方向 (3)未来的职业目标 个人陈述切忌:一蹴而就,敷衍了事,内容贫乏、语法错误连篇。国外大学并不是单一地通过“高考”“研究生入学考试”来选拔人才,这并不是说他们的录取标准不够严格。国外的教授们在决定你是否是他们想要的人才时,首先是愿意听一听你对于你自己作何评价。当你通过申请文书来介绍你自己时,你会发现所面临的机遇和挑战同样之大。要写出成功的申请文书局限于最基本的类型写作和写作技巧(清晰、简洁)是远远不够的。一篇好的申请文书要求申请人能够用一种与其他申请人完全不同方式,巧妙地展现自己的独特个性和经验(考验申请者的文书表达能力和自我感知能力)。这是一件要求非常高,做起来非常繁杂的工作。而大多数中国申请者将更多的时间和精力放在了TOEFL、GRE上了,全然忽略了留学文书在这其中起到的不可替代的作用。 介绍“Who am I”的时候,讲陈述分为三大板块(如果你钢笔书法不错,可以选择手工撰写个人陈述,一般能够被加分),不要“记流水账”,也不要赘述个人简历中已有的内容。 3、写作篇:有重点、简洁 针对“自我陈述”: 再好的想法如果不能被充分地表达出来也是枉然。国外的教授一般只能从书面材料来对你的学识、人品和语言能力进行判断,而你也只能以书面的形式来表现 和证明你自己。你和他们之间唯一的媒介是写在纸上的文字。由于洋教授一般不爱读长篇大论,你的篇幅一般有限。你必须使用一些写作技巧。 (1)详细解读申请学校的写作说明并了解问题的重点,不赘言,不遗漏,且在要求的字数内完成。例如学校要求五百字内完成(In 500 words or less discuss ……),则全文最好不要超过五百字。如果学校要求以问答方式来叙述 (Responses to essay questions, Please limit your response to one page.),即依其要求回答不长过一页。 (2)写作时应清楚明确。 例如:"I am interested in English literature" 这句话表达不够清楚,而"I was concentrated on Milton and Shakespeare in college" 就明白的说出了申请人的志趣及研究范围。"I was very active as a student representative" 最好说明曾经做什么:"组织活动,主办演讲,沟通学生与校方意见等。"I am attracted to your department by its brilliant faculty."应说明教授的认知是从何而来,如在何处读到某教授的文章而愿受教于他,或某位教授正在从事一项重要研究,与自己欲攻读的研究领域相同等。表达对所申请之系的课程、教师和特性有些了解,依学校之不同而提及某位任教于该校的教授、新课程或该校的某个学位有兴趣。(4)切忌把研究范围和计划限定到过于狭窄。例如:写非某一位教授的研究组不进或者非某一个具体问题不研究。 (3)不要用语意模糊的句子。 例如 "Your esteemed school"应代以学校的名字。"I will return to serve my country"应明确的说出所要从事的到底是什么工作等。 (4)文章需要有一个明确的主题。 不要离题,谈论一些不相干的事。需要考虑合理的围绕主题安排材料。多写你自己感兴趣的经历与研究问题。 (5)写一个引人入胜的开头--小故事,名人名言,或者有意思的场景或描述,而不要说一些成词滥调,如"I was born in."或"My parents came from……"。结尾处记得呼应主题。 (6)文风可以适当幽默,但是不要太过。 态度诚恳认真,不卑不亢。用积极的态度说明弱点,比如托福成绩不高等,但不能表现得过份自信。重要的是给学校一个专业,认真的印象。不能编造经历。 (7)不要抄袭,改写书上的样本文章。 应详读学校的介绍,了解其要求,再对自己的学业背景、计划加以考虑,写出自己的风格。 (8)避免用深奥的字汇,尽量以简单容易的字来表达。 检查英文的时态、性别及单多数等方面的错误。一般至少检查三遍,并请别人帮着一起看。可以自己用手机读一遍并录下来,回放听听是否有问题。 成功的陈述从未偏离过“我是谁?”和“我能提供些什么?”这两个主题介绍自身,描述你作为有竞争力候选者的潜能。因此,将个人生涯中涉及主题的主要成就,转折点和大事件必须相应地着重突出,分析你的个人简历, 个人历史和记忆,将生涯中决定性事件单独突出。 针对“推荐信”: 由于推荐信的格式和体例申请的学校会有专门的说明,一般流程:上申报学校的官网→下载推荐表格→寻找教授→按要求撰写推荐信→签字盖章→封存电邮 推荐信基本内容: (1)被推荐人的基本情况介绍。 (2)推荐人对被推荐人的基本评价。 (3)推荐人可以着重介绍被推荐人曾经获得的奖励,发表过的论文,参加过的重要学术会议,以及曾在学生组织或学术团体中的任职等来支持自己的评价。 (4)推荐人还必须清楚地表明被推荐人留学的身份是研究生还是访问学者,专业领域和研究方向是什么。 如果大学提供了现成的推荐表格,则必须按这类表格认真逐项填写。推荐表格中一般有学生综合评估的一项,即要求推荐人说明该生在所教的学生中应列为前5%,10%,或25%等。这种评估是指教授的个人评价,可以稍高一点。另外,推荐表格上常有许多难以填写的项目,遇到该情形可填"I don't know",亦不致对该生的评价有何严重影响。 (5)准备“推荐信”需要注意的事项 一般而言,推荐信需要三封,最好三封各有其强调的重点,以完全申请人的特点与才华,推荐信的基本组成除信头、发信日期、收信人姓名、地址、称呼、签名、推荐人姓名、职务等外,信件内容还应包括以下各项: a、被推荐者全名:不可全文都只写Mr. Huang和Miss He,需要明确写出被推荐者的全名至少一次。 b、认识期间:何时认识,或认识多久? c、认识程度:偶尔见面或者密切接触,例如任课老师或者班主任等。 d、与申请人之间的关系:老师或者部门主管等。 e、学业成绩:讨论申请人擅长与不擅长的学习领域。 f、个人成就:在学校、工作或家庭中的特殊表现。如曾经获得某种奖学金、工作中表现优秀等。 g、特殊才能:语言、艺术、体育等方面的特殊能力。 4、修改篇:好essay是改出来的 我一直坚信好essay是改出来的,而非写出来的,建议大家重视对essay的反复修改。AO 没有太多时间来看一篇文章,每天要被无数篇世界各地的文章轰击,文字阅读的愉悦感一定可以帮助你的内容更易于被接受。所谓文字的愉悦感,在现代社会其实就是清爽,要有一定的幽默感但又不能太作,要有一定的写作技巧又不能太滑。原则上,清爽风趣的文字就是简洁有张力的。针对简洁有一个小窍门:就是减少使用adj形容词,改用v动词。西方文化对动词的热爱简直无与伦比。 后期的修改需要注意的事项: (1)内容核对是重中之重,查看是必须介绍而被你遗漏的地方; (2)语言错误是关键,寻找英语过了专八的前辈,实在不行寻找一些便宜的网上机构协助核对审查一遍。也可以寻找英语专业的教师帮你查阅审核一遍。总之,要尽可能确保语言语法上不出现失误。 (3)以往的留学申请都是通过纸质媒介,国内早期的申请还会涉及到个人书法笔迹的问题,书法书写好的同学再材料审阅中会有相当大的优势。但目前多以email的方式发送申请材料,这样节约了材料成本和时间成本,方便大家被pass后能第一时间选择下家。无论是纸质材料还是电子版材料,保证材料的干净整洁、排版思路清晰,逻辑思维得体,不要出现杂乱无章的描述。另:如果你书法了得,可以尝试用书法写“自我陈述”,并扫面电子版,放入申请材料中加以说明。运气好的话是能够给你的留学申请加分的! 留学文书的整体思路就是:构思——写作——完善,每一个部分都是非常重要的,不要觉得T成绩、GRE成绩、GPA成绩牛得不行,教授推荐信都是好话,科研论文杠杠的,随便糊弄一下“留学文书”就一定能上HU或UC这样的世界级顶尖大学。那是绝对不可能的,除非他们的老师都瞎了。因此,花了那么多时间在GPA和GRE上,最后一步的留学文书也请多花一些精力和时间。本文地址:留学个人陈述
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