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1、人生中最困难者,莫过于选择。——莫尔 The most difficult in life, than the choice. - Moore 2、困难是人生的老师,是一所最好的学校。 The difficulty is the teacher of life, is one of the best schools. 3、多受痛苦的折磨,见闻会渐渐增多。——荷 More suffer the pain of torture, knowledge will gradually increase. - Homer 4、经验是由痛苦中粹取出来的。 Experience is the extract of suffering. 5、好的运气令人羡慕,而战胜厄运则更令人惊叹。——塞尼卡 Good luck is admirable, but the conquest of adversity is even greater. - Seneca 6、艰难时刻具有科学价值,一个善于学习的人是决不会错过这种机会的。——爱默生 Hard times have a scientific value, and a person who is good at learning will never miss the opportunity. -- Emerson 7、有困难要帮,没有困难制造困难也要帮。——郭德纲 There are difficulties to help, there is no difficulty in making it difficult to help. -- Guo Degang 8、意志是一个强壮的盲人,倚靠在明眼的跛子肩上。——叔本华 Will be a strong trust in the eye of the blind, lame shoulder. -- Schopenhauer 9、激流勇进者方能领略江河源头的奇观胜景。 Lotic brave person can appreciate the wonders of scenic rivers. 10、生活最好略为困难,不走太过平坦的道路。——阿兰 The best life is slightly difficult, do not go too smooth road. -- Alan 11、有了信心,就是成功的开始。 With confidence, it is the beginning of success. 12、困难是人的教科书。——朝鲜 Difficulty is a textbook for people. - North Korea 13、苦心人天不负,卧薪尝胆,三千越甲可吞吴。 Just days, three thousand more hardships, can swallow a wu. 14、伟大的事业是根源于坚韧不断的工作,以全副精神去从事,不避艰苦。——罗素 Great cause is rooted in the tough work, to fully engaged in the spirit, not to avoid hard. -- Russell 15、当你的希望一个个落空,你也要坚定,要沉着!——朗费罗 When you want to lose one by one, you must be firm, to be calm! -- Longfellow 16、只要我们能重拾昔日的勇气,那么,天大的困难也可以克服。——宫崎骏 As long as we can regain the courage of the past, then, the difficulties can be overcome. -- Hayao Miyazaki 17、英雄常食苦难与试练的面包。——罗曼·罗兰 Heroes often eat suffering and try to practice the bread. -- Roman Roland 18、忘掉今天的人将被明天忘掉。——歌德 Forget today's people will be forgotten tomorrow. -- Gerd 19、由于勇敢的坚忍,无可避免的祸患将会被征服。——佚名 The brave perseverance, inevitable evil will be conquered. I 20、凡事在成熟之前,都是有苦味的。——赛勒斯 Everything before it is ripe, there is a bitter taste. -- Cyrus 21、让生活的句号圈住的人,是无法前时半步的。 Let life periods around people, is unable to reach a half step. 22、痛苦留给的一切,请细加回味!苦难一经过去,苦难就变为甘美。——歌德 All the pain left, please add the aftertaste! The suffering of the past, suffering is sweet. -- Gerd 23、世人缺乏的是毅力,而非气力。——雨果 The world is lack of willpower, not strength. -- Hugo 24、一切痛苦能够毁灭人,然而受苦的人也能把痛苦消灭!——拜伦 All the pain can destroy man, but the suffering of the people will be able to eliminate the pain! -- Byron 25、生命里最重要的事情是要有个远大的目标,并借助才能与坚毅来完成它。——歌德 The most important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to accomplish it. -- Gerd 26、只要能收获甜蜜,荆棘丛中也会有蜜蜂忙碌的身影。 As long as the harvest is sweet, there will be a busy bee among thorns. 27、逆境中,人靠希望得救。——拜伦 In the face of adversity, man is saved by hope. -- Byron 28、少年易老学难成,一寸光阴不可轻。——朱熹《劝学》 Children are easy to be old, time is not an inch of light. Zhu Xi: "encouraging learning" 29、你的选择是做或不做,做不一定会成功,但不做就永远不会有机会。 Your choice is to do or not to do, do not necessarily succeed, but do not do will never have the opportunity to. 30、有志者事竟成。 Where there is a will, there is a way. 31、身如逆流船,心比铁石坚。望父全儿志,至死不怕难。——李时珍 The body such as countercurrent ship, heart stone kennedy. Father son Wang Zhi, not afraid to die hard. -- Li Shizhen 32、意志目标不在自然中存在,而在生命中蕴藏。——武者小路实笃 The purpose of will is not in nature, but in life. -- Takekoji Miatsushi 33、无论何人,若是失去耐心,就是失去灵魂。——培根 No matter who, if the loss of patience, is to lose the soul. -- Bacon 34、上天完全是为了坚强你的意志,才在道路上设下重重的障碍。——泰戈尔 God is all for the sake of the strong will, only on the road to set up a heavy obstacle. -- Tagore 35、生命力的意义在于拚搏,因为世界本身就是一个竞技场。 The life significance lies in the struggle, because the world itself is an arena. 36、实行起来是有困难的,但是吸引着我的,正是这个困难本身。——巴尔扎克 To practice is difficult, but to attract me, it is the difficulty itself. -- Balzac 37、必须体验过痛苦,才体会到生的快乐。——大仲马 Must experience the pain, just feel the joy of living. -- Alexandre Dumas 38、成功=艰苦的劳动+正确的方法+少谈空话。——爱因斯坦 Success = hard work + the right way + less talk. -- Einstein 39、卓越的人一大优点是:在不利与艰难的遭遇里百折不饶。——贝多芬 A great advantage of excellence is: in the face of adverse and difficult to break the. -- Beethoven 40、通过苦难,走向欢乐。——贝多芬 Through suffering, to joy. -- Beethoven 41、我的最高原则是:不论任何困难,都决不屈服。——居里夫人 My highest principle is: no matter any difficulty, never give up. - Mrs. Curie 42、害怕攀登高峰的人,永远在山下徘徊。 People who are afraid to climb the peak, always hovering in the mountains. 43、火,只能把铁炼成钢,却无法把铁烧为灰烬。——刘白羽 Fire can only convert iron into steel, but not the iron burned to ashes. -- Liu Baiyu 44、不经巨大的困难,不会有伟大的事业。——伏尔泰 Without great difficulty, there will be no great cause. -- Voltaire 45、成大事不在于力量的大小,而在于能坚持多久。——约翰逊 The big thing is not the size of the power, but how long it can persist. -- Johnson 46、耐心和恒心总是得到报酬的。——爱因斯坦 Patience and perseverance are always rewarded. -- Einstein 47、一切事情的关键是耐心,孵蛋才得小鸡,把蛋打破是得不到小鸡的。——格拉索 The key to everything is to be patient, hatching chicks, break eggs is not a chicken. -- Glasow 48、遇到的困难越多,得到的荣誉也越大。——西塞罗 The more difficulties encountered, the greater the honor. -- Cicero 49、道足以忘物之得春,志足以一气之盛衰。——苏轼 To forget the Spring Road, enough to stretch the rise and fall of. -- Su Shi 50、无论在什么时候,永远不要以为自己已经知道了一切。——巴甫洛夫 No matter what time, never think you already know everything. -- Pavlov 51、路遥知马力,日久见人心。——谚语 Time tries all. -- proverb 52、有益者不为,无益者为之,所以苦其劳而不见成功。——薛瑄 The beneficial person is not for the benefit of the people, so hard work and not see success. -- Xue Xuan 53、山重水复疑无路,柳暗花明又一村。——陆游 Mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt, There is a way out. -- Lu You 54、经验和毅力,是成功的双足。——佚名 Experience and perseverance, is the success of the double foot. I 55、最有学问和最有见识的人总是很谨慎的。——卢梭 The most learned and knowledgeable people are always cautious. -- Rousseau 56、平静的湖面,炼不出精悍的水手;安逸的环境,造不出时代的伟人。——列别捷夫 The calm lake, never lean seamanmr007http://wwW.ZuowEn8.coM/mr007; comfort, made out of the great era. -- Lebedev 57、如果圆规的两只脚都动,永远也画不出一个圆。 If the compasses feet moving, forever also cannot draw a circle. 58、意志是独一无二的个体所拥有的、以纠正自己的自动性的力量。——劳伦斯 Will is the power of a unique individual that has the power to correct one's own self. -- Laurence 59、奋斗以求改善生活,是可敬的行为。——茅盾 To strive for improvement in life is a worthy act. -- Mao Dun 60、意志薄弱的人不可能真诚。——拉罗什富科 Weak willed people can't be true. -- Laroche Fraser C 61、蜗牛凭坚忍不拔精神到达方舟。——查尔斯·海顿·斯帕根 Snail Pingjian couldn't pull the spirit to the ark. -- Charles Hayden Spagon 62、在灵魂的运动里面,最重要的转轮是决心。——夸美纽斯 In the motion of the soul, the most important runner is the determination. - Comenius 63、有了坚定的意志,就等于给双脚添了一对翅膀。——乔·贝利 With a strong will, is equal to the feet with a pair of wings. -- Jo Bailey 64、做一个决定,并不难,难的是付诸行动,并且坚持到底。 To make a decision is not difficult, it is difficult to put into action, and persist in the end. 65、冬天已经到来,春天还会远吗。——美国 Winter has come, can spring be far behind. - the United States 66、困难当然是困难。可是没有困难就没有创造。——皮奥特罗夫斯基 Difficult of course is difficult. But there is no difficulty, there is no creation. -- Piotrovsky 67、坚持意志伟大的事业需要始终不渝的精神。——伏尔泰 Uphold the great cause will need unswerving spirit. -- Voltaire 68、虽则人世充满了痛苦,但也充满克服痛苦的办法。——海伦·凯勒 Although the world is full of suffering, but also full of way to overcome the pain. -- Helen Keller 69、伟大的工作,并不是用力量而是用耐心去完成的。——约翰逊 Great work is not done with strength but with patience. -- Johnson 70、小苗不经风雨长不成大树,人不经困难难以成材。 The seedlings without rain grow trees, people without difficulties of timber. 71、苦难对于天才是一块垫脚石。——巴尔扎克 Suffering is a stepping stone for genius. -- Balzac 72、一个有决心的人,将会找到他的道路。——佚名 A determined person, will find his way. I 73、坚忍是成功的诀窍。——狄斯累利 Perseverance is the secret of success. - Di Si Li 74、即使跌倒一百次,也要一百零一次地站起来。——张海迪 Even fall one hundred times, but also to stand up one hundred and one times. -- Zhang Haidi 75、逆境有一种科学价值。一个好的学者是不会放弃这种机会来学习的。——爱默生 Adversity has a scientific value. A good scholar will never give up the chance to learn. -- Emerson 76、志在峰巅的攀登者,不会陶醉在沿途的某个脚印之中。 A climber who is at the top of the mountain will not be intoxicated with some of the footprints along the way. 77、意志来自道德感和自身利益这两个因素。——林肯 Will come from the two factors of moral feeling and self interest. - Lincoln 78、成功=艰苦的劳动+正确的方法+少谈空话。——爱因斯坦 Success = hard work + the right way + less talk. -- Einstein 79、最困难之时,就是我们离成功不远之日。——凯撒 The most difficult time, we are not far away from the success of the day. - Kaiser 80、尚未实现的崇高目标,要比已经达到的渺小目标尤为珍贵。——歌德 The lofty goals that have not yet been achieved are more precious than the small goals that have already been achieved. -- Gerd 81、用百折不回的毅力,有计划地克服所有的困难。——毛泽东 With the planned pushing forward despite repeated frustrations perseverance, to overcome all difficulties. -- Mao Zedong 82、困难地逼着人想办法,困难环境能锻炼出人才来。——徐特立 Hard to force people to think of ways, difficult environment can train the talent to come. -- Xu Teli 83、逆境展现才华,顺境遮蔽才华。——拉丁谚语 Adversity reveals genius, good shielding talent. - Latin proverb 84、越的人的一大优点是:在不利和艰难的遭遇里百折不挠。——贝多芬 One of the advantages of more people is never yield in spite of reverses in the negative and difficult encounter. -- Beethoven 85、勇士是在充满荆棘的道路上前行的。——奥维德 The warrior is on the path of thorns. -- Ovid 86、若是为女人而沉湎于情网而不能自拨,对于自己是一笔损失。——屠格涅夫 If a woman and indulge in love and not out, for he is a loss. -- Turgenev 87、无论才能知识多么卓著,如果缺乏热情,则无异纸上画饼充饥,无补于事。 To our knowledge of how remarkable, if the lack of enthusiasm, the same paper feed on illusions, of no help. 88、人类要在竞争中求生存,更要奋斗。——孙中山 Human beings want to survive in the competition, but also to struggle. -- Sun Zhongshan 89、只有在苦难中,才能认识自我。——希尔蒂 Only in suffering can we know ourselves. -- Hildy 90、决定问题,需要智慧,贯彻执行时则需要耐心。——荷马 To decide the issue, need wisdom, to carry out the need to be patient. - Homer 91、对一个有毅力的人来说,无事不可为。——海伍德 For a man of perseverance, nothing is impossible. -- Haywood 92、凡作事,自发端以迄成功,不论其间有何等之困难,均当竭力为之。——管绿荫 Of all things, since the beginning until the success, there is no matter how difficult, when trying to have. Shade - tube 93、只有不畏艰险的人,才能享受冒险的乐趣。——狄斯累利 Only Buweijianxian people can enjoy the fun of adventure. - Di Si Li 94、长风破浪会有时,直挂云帆济沧海。——李白 I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea。 -- Li Bai 95、若将容易得,便作等闲看。 It will be easy to get, would be easy to see. 96、能够岿然不动,坚持正见,度过难关的人是不多的。——雨果 Can not see through, adhere to the positive, who is not much. -- Hugo 97、许多人都是因为坚持到最后五分钟而获得胜利和成功。——佚名 Many people are successful and successful because they stick to the last five minutes. I 98、从不为艰难岁月哀叹,从不为自己命运悲伤的人,的确是伟人。——塞内加 Never hard times lamented, never for their own fate sad people, is really great. Seneca 99、做一个星期正派人要比做十五分钟英雄困难得多。——朱尔·勒纳尔 It is more difficult to be a man of fifteen minutes a week than to be a decent man. -- Jules Renard 100、人生布满了荆棘,我们想的惟一办法是从那些荆棘上迅速跨过。——伏尔泰 Life is full of thorns, and the only way we can think of it is to cross them quickly. -- Voltaire 101、敢于奋斗的人,心中不怕困难。 Dare to struggle of the people, the heart is not afraid of difficulties. 102、逆境展示奇才,顺境隐没英才。——霍勒斯 Adversity shows wizards, prosperity hidden talents. -- Horace 103、大自然把人们困在黑暗之中,迫使人们永远向往光明。——歌德 Nature put people in the dark, forcing people to always look forward to the light. -- Gerd 104、人生最大的光荣,不在于从不失败,而在于能屡仆屡起。——哥尔德斯密斯 Life's greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - Goldsmith 105、不幸是一所最好的大学。——俄国别林斯基 Adversity is one of the best universities. - Russian. 106、府畏人言,仰畏天命,皆从磨练后得来。——曾国藩 Fu Yang fear people, fear of heaven, all come from after training. -- Zheng Guofan 107、三军可夺帅也,匹夫不可夺志也。——佚名 An army may be deprived of, man can not be deprived. I 108、生命是真实的,生命是诚挚的,坟墓并不是他的终结点。 Life is real, life is earnest, and the grave is not his end. 109、富贵不能淫,贫贱不能移,威武不能屈。——孟子 Immune to temptations, poverty can not be changed, force can bend. -- Meng Zi 110、只有刚强的人,才有神圣的意志,凡是战斗的人,才能取得胜利。——歌德 Only a strong man will have the divine will, and those who fight, will gain victory. -- Gerd 111、志向和热爱是伟大行为的双翼。——歌德 Ambition and love is the wings of great actions. -- Gerd 112、对勇气的最大考验,就是看一个人能否做到败而不馁。——英格索尔 The greatest test of courage, is to see whether a person can do not be discouraged by failure. - Ingersoll 113、只要与困难抗争,便能使孱弱的筋肉变得坚强。——卓宾 As long as the struggle and difficulty, can make weak muscles strong. - Zhuo bin 114、人生的小小不幸,可以帮助我们渡过重大的不幸。——伊森伯格 The little misfortune of life can help us to have a great misfortune. -- Isenberg 115、一个人要先经过困难,然后踏入顺境,才觉得受用,舒服。——爱迪生 A person to go through difficulties, then into prosperity, just feel good, comfortable. -- Edison 116、困难是严正无比的教师。——伯克 The difficulty is very solemn teacher. -- Burke 117、不要慨叹生活底痛苦!慨叹是弱者。——高尔基 Don't lament the end of life pain! Lament is weak. - Golgi 118、每一种挫折或不利的突变,是带着同样或较大的有利的种子。——爱默生 Each setback or adverse mutation is a seed with the same or greater. -- Emerson 119、当你跌到谷底时,那正表示,你只能往上,不能往下! When you fall to the bottom of the valley, that is, you can only go up, not down! 120、灾难是真理的第一程。——拜伦 Disaster is the first course of truth. -- Byron 121、绳可锯木断,水可滴石穿。苦干加巧干,坚持持久战。——郭沫若 Rope can be cut off, water can drop stone to wear. Work hard and smart, protracted war. -- Guo Moruo 122、流水在碰到抵触的地方,才把它的活力解放。——歌德 Water in the conflict in the place, only to the liberation of its vitality. -- Gerd 123、逆境,是倾覆弱者生活之舟的波涛;它又是锤炼强者钢铁意志的熔炉。——戴维 Adversity is the life boat overturning waves; it is a temper the strong will of iron smelting furnace. -- David 124、逆境是到达真理的每一条道路。——拜伦 Adversity is the path to truth. -- Byron 125、物不经锻炼,终难成器;人不得切琢,终不成人。——李贽 Things without exercise, hard to spare; one may cut cut, not the end of the adult. -- Li Zhi 126、困难越大,荣耀也越大。 The greater the difficulties, the greater the glory. 127、不幸有时是变相的幸福。——谚语 Misfortune is sometimes a disguised form of happiness. -- proverb 128、人生的道路上常常有这样的情况:逆境使人有所建树。——艾柯卡 On the road of life often have such a situation: adversity makes a contribution. -- Iacocca 129、玉经磨多成器,剑拔沉埋便倚天。——王定保 Jade by grinding a sword sword was buried. -- Wang Dingbao 130、不是一番寒彻骨,怎得梅花扑鼻香。——冯梦龙 Not a cold, how a plum smelling incense. -- Feng Menglong 131、人最凶恶的敌人,就是他的意志力的薄弱和愚蠢。——高尔基 The worst enemy of man is the weakness and stupidity of his will. - Golgi 132、天才是百分之一的灵感,百分之九十九的血汗。——爱迪生 Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. -- Edison 133、不幸,来时快,去时慢。——博恩 Misfortune, come fast, go slow. - Brian 134、要想捉大鱼,不能怕水深。 If you want to catch a big fish, not afraid of water depth. 135、经受了火的洗礼泥巴也会有坚强的体魄。 Through the baptism of the fire will also have a strong body of mud. 136、有生命,那里便有希望。 Where there is life, there is hope. 137、虽然世界多苦难,但是苦难总是能战胜的。 Although the world is full of suffering, it is always the overcoming of it. 138、经不起不幸是最大的不幸。——谚语 Can't afford to be the most unfortunate. -- proverb 139、吾志所向,一往无前,愈挫愈者,再接再励。——孙中山 My ambition, perseverance, unyielding, persistent. -- Sun Zhongshan 140、疼痛的强度,同自然赋于人类的意志和刚度成正比。——武者小路实笃 The intensity of pain, the same nature with the human will and stiffness is proportional to the. -- Takekoji Miatsushi 141、在命运的颠沛中,最容易看出一个人的气节。——英国 In the fate of the Tianpei, most likely to see a person of integrity. - Britain 142、一种理想就是一种力量!——罗曼·罗兰 An ideal is a kind of strength! -- Roman Roland 143、树苗如果因为怕痛而拒绝修剪,那就永远不会成材。 Saplings if Patong and refused to trim, you will never grow. 144、宝剑锋从磨砺出,梅花香自苦寒来。——佚名 April showers bring May flowers。 I 145、不要回避苦恼和困难,挺起身来向它挑战,进而克服它。——池田大作 Don't avoid troubles and difficulties, stand up and challenge them, and overcome them. -- Ikeda Oku 146、忍受灾祸不难,但忍受到底决非易事。——塞内加 Bear evil is not difficult, but it is not easy to endure to the end. Seneca 147、亲爱的朋友,所有的理论都是灰色的,而宝贵的生命之树常青。 Dear friends, all theory is grey, and the precious tree of life is evergreen. 148、人不是仅仅为了爱而生存的。——赫尔岑 Man does not live only for love. -- Herzen 149、无论何时,不管怎样,我也绝不允许自己有一点点心丧气。——爱迪生 No matter when, anyway, I will not allow myself to have a little bit of frustration. -- Edison 150、把困难留给自己,把方便让给他人。 Leave the difficulty to oneself, give the convenience to others.本文地址:关于困难的英语名言
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