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1、得意时应善待他人,因为你失意时会需要他们。 You should be kind to others, because you will need them when you are frustrated. 2、每一个人都拥有生命,但并非每个人都懂得生命,乃至于珍惜生命。不了解生命的人,生命对他来说,是一种惩罚。 Everyone has a life, but not everyone knows how to live, and even to cherish life. People who do not understand life, life for him, is a kind of punishment. 3、倾材足以聚人,量宽足已得人,身先足以率人,律己足以服人,得人心者得天下! Pour enough to gather material, the amount has been wide enough, first to rate, self-discipline to convince the people, very popular in the world! 4、一个缺口的杯子,如果换一个角度看它,它仍然是圆的。 A gap of the cup, if you look at it from another angle, it is still round. 5、爱情是以微笑开始,以吻生长,以泪结束。 Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear. 6、世间成事,不求其绝对圆满,留一份不足,可得无限美好。 The world is done, does not seek its absolute perfection, a lack of, can be infinitely better. 7、时间顺流而下,生活逆水行舟。 With time, life sails against the current. 8、一个从来没有失败过的人,必然是一个从未尝试过什么的人。 A man who has never failed, must be a man who has never tried. 9、用最少的悔恨面对过去。用最少的浪费面对现在。用最多的梦面对未来。 Face the past with the least regret. Face the present with the least waste. Face the future with the most dreams. 10、你要做多大的事情,就该承受多大的压力。 You want to do more things, it should bear much pressure. 11、要铭记在心:每天都是一年中最美好的日子。 Keep in mind that every day is the best day of the year. 12、如果你想得到,你就会得到,你所需要付出的只是行动。 If you want, you will get what you need to do is act. 13、爱的力量大到可以使人忘记一切,却又小到连一粒嫉妒的沙石也不能容纳。 The power of love can make people forget everything, but even a small grain of envy also can't accommodate. 14、天空黑暗到一定程度,星辰就会熠熠生辉。 The dark sky to a certain extent, the stars will shine. 15、上帝从不埋怨人们的愚昧,人们却埋怨上帝的不公平。 God never complains people's ignorance while people actually complains the unfair of God. 16、请你用慈悲心和温和的态度,把你的不满与委屈说出来,别人就容易接受。 Please use compassion and gentle attitude, your dissatisfaction and grievances out, others will be easy to accept. 17、人类要在竞争中求生存,更要奋斗。 Human beings want to survive in the competition, but also to struggle. 18、支配战士行动的力量是信仰。他能够忍受一切艰难、痛苦,达到他所选定的目标。 The power that governs the warrior's action is faith. He was able to endure all the hardships and pains, and to achieve the goals he had chosen. 19、学习是灯,努力是油,要想灯亮,只有加油。 Study is the lamp, effort is oil, want to light, only come on. 20、青春一经典当即永不再赎。 Youth a classic will never be redeemed immediately. 21、伟人之所以伟大,是因为他与别人共处逆境时,别人失去了信心,他却下决心实现自己的目标。 A great man is great, because he was with others in the face of adversity, others lose confidence, he was determined to achieve their goals. 22、每个人都有潜在的能量,只是很容易:被习惯所掩盖,被时间所迷离,被惰性所消磨。 Everyone has the potential energy, which is easily concealed by habits, blurred by time, and eroded by laziness. 23、中年是一次毫无期待心情的约会。 Middle age is a date without expectation. 24、能冲刷一切的除了眼泪,就是时间,以时间来推移感情,时间越长,冲突越淡,仿佛不断稀释的茶。 Apart from tears, only time could wear everything away. While feeling is being washed by time, conflicts would be diluted as time goes by, just like a cup of tea that is being continuously diluted. 25、每件事情都必须有一个期限,否则,大多数人都会有多少时间就花掉多少时间。 Everything must have a deadline, otherwise, most people will have much time to spend how much time. 26、脚踏实地向前走,阳光总在风雨后,风雨过后有彩虹。 Down to earth to move forward, the sun always in the wind and rain, after the rain there is a rainbow. 27、要纠正别人之前,先反省自己有没有犯错。 Before correcting others, first reflect on their own mistakes. 28、什么时候也不要放弃希望,越是险恶的环境越要燃起希望的意志。 When do not give up hope, the more dangerous the environment, the more you want to ignite the will of hope. 29、如果你相信自己,你可以做任何事。 If you believe in yourself, you can do anything. 30、中年是只会感慨不会感动的年龄,只有哀愁没有愤怒的年龄。中年是吻女人额头不是吻女人嘴唇的年龄。 Middle age is only feeling not touched by the age, the age of sorrow but not anger. Middle age is the age at which a woman's forehead is not a kiss to a woman's lips. 31、影响我们人生的绝不仅仅是环境,其实是心态在控制—个人的行动和思想。同时,心态也决定了一个人的视野、事业和成就,甚至—生。 Affect our life is not just the environment, in fact, is the mentality of control - personal action and thinking. At the same time, the mentality of a person's vision, career and achievements, and even the life. 32、有勇气并不表示恐惧不存在,而是敢面对恐惧、克服恐惧。 Courage does not mean that there is no fear, but the courage to face the fear, to overcome the fear. 33、你要求的次数愈多,你就越容易得到你要的东西,而且连带地也会得到更多乐趣。 The more times you ask, the more you get what you want作文http://Www.ZuoWen8.coM/, and jointly will have more fun. 34、自己要先看得起自己,别人才会看得起你。 Respect yourself, others will respect you. 35、心如镜,虽外景不断变化,镜面却不会转动,这就是一颗平常心,能够景转而心不转。 The heart is like a mirror, although the location is not changing, mirror rotation, which is a common heart, can not turn to the heart of king. 36、先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐。 To worry before the common people worries;to enjoy only after the people can enjoy。 37、生活充满了选择,而生活的态度就是一切。 Life is full of choices, and the attitude of life is everything. 38、人生的道路虽然漫长,但紧要处往往只有几步。 The road of life is long, but it is often only a few steps. 39、人因为梦想而伟大,早日达到自己的目标。 People are great because of their dreams, as soon as possible to achieve their goals. 40、人若软弱就是自己最大的敌人;人若勇敢就是自己最好的朋友。 If a man is weak, he is his own enemy;if he is brave, he is his best friend. 41、每天告诉自己一次:我真的很不错。 Tell yourself everyday: I'm really good. 42、想起了沙漠就想起了水,想起了爱情就想起了你。 Think of the desert reminds of the water, think of love will remember you. 43、创造无限的财富,回报朋友和家人。 Create unlimited wealth, repay friends and family. 44、只要能执着远大的理想,且有不达目的绝不终止的意愿,便能产生惊人的力量。 As long as we can persist in lofty ideals, and have no intention to stop the end of the purpose, will be able to produce amazing power. 45、许多人企求着生活的完美结局,殊不知美根本不在结局,而在于追求的过程。 Many people seek the perfect ending of life, not knowing that the United States was not in the outcome, but in the process of pursuit. 46、希望是本无所谓有,无所谓无的。这正如地上的路,其实地上本没有路,走的人多了,也便成了路。 Hope is the no matter what, no matter what. This is like the way on the ground, in fact, there is no way to the ground, the more people go, it has become a way. 47、不要对挫折叹气,姑且把这一切看成是在你成大事之前,必须经受的准备工作。 Don't sigh of frustration, leaving all of this as before you into the event, must undergo preparations. 48、生命太过短暂,今天放弃了明天不一定能得到。 Life is too short to give up today, tomorrow may not be able to get. 49、用心血铸就辉煌的明天! With painstaking efforts to create a brilliant tomorrow! 50、记住:你是你生命的船长;走自己的路,何必在乎其它。 Remember: you are the captain of your life;take your own road, why care about other. 51、一份耕耘,一份收获,付出就有回报永不遭遇过失败,因我所碰到的都是暂时的挫折。 A hard, a harvest, pay on the return never experienced failure, because I have encountered is a temporary setback. 52、成功属于永远不放弃的人。 Success belongs to those who never give up. 53、信心、毅力、勇气三者具备,则天下没有做不成的事。 Confidence, perseverance, courage three have, the world did not do anything. 54、美好的生命应该充满期待、惊喜和感激。 A good life should be full of expectation, surprise and gratitude. 55、我们是哭着降临到这个世界的,但愿走的时候,要含笑而去。 We are crying to come to this world, if we want to go, we should smile and go. 56、积极的人在每一次忧患中都看到一个机会,而消极的人则在每个机会都看到某种忧患。 A positive person sees an opportunity in every sense of worry, while a negative person sees a sense of urgency in every opportunity. 57、九十九次的理论不如一次的行动来得实际。 Ninety-nine times the theory is not as much as one action. 58、人,其实不需要太多的东西,只要健康地活着,真诚地爱着,也不失为一种富有。 People, in fact, do not need too much, as long as the healthy living, in good faith in love, is also a kind of wealth. 59、明白事理的人使自己适应世界,不明事理的人硬想使世界适应自己。 The reasonable man adapts himself to the world, the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. 60、爱一个人而那个人不爱你是很让人难受的,但更痛苦的是,爱一个人,却永远都没勇气告诉他。 Loving a person and that person does not love you is very painful, but more painful is to love a person, but never have the courage to tell him. 61、把气愤的心境转化为柔和,把柔和的心境转化为爱,如此,这个世间将更加完美。 The angry mood into soft, the soft state of mind into love, so that the world will be more perfect. 62、学习需要有计划。 Learning needs to have a plan. 63、经验不是发生在一个人身上的事件,而是一个人如何看待发生在他身上的事。 Experience is not an event in one's body, but one's view of what is happening to him. 64、健康源于心,积极心态像太阳,照到哪里哪里亮;消极心态像病毒,传到哪里哪遭殃。 From heart healthy, positive attitude is like the sun, where it shines bright;negative attitude like viruses, which spread to where to suffer. 65、一个胜利者不会放弃,而一个放弃者永远不会胜利。 A winner will not give up, and a give up will never win. 66、少一点预设的期待,那份对人的关怀会更自在。 Less default expectations, the care of the people will be more comfortable. 67、待人退一步,爱人宽一寸,人生自然活得很快乐。 Treat people back one step, love an inch wide, life naturally live very happy. 68、良心是每一个人最公正的审判官,你骗得了别人,却永远骗不了你自己的良心。 Conscience is the most just judge, you can deceive others, but always cheat your own conscience. 69、生命之长短殊不重要,只要你活得快乐,在有生之年做些有意义的事,便已足够。 The length of life is not important, as long as you live happily, do something meaningful in your lifetime, then it is enough. 70、一个人的快乐,不是因为他拥有的多,而是他计较的少。 A person's happiness, not because he has more, but his care less. 71、如果我们可以改变情绪,我们就可以改变未来。 If we can change our mood, we can change the future. 72、一个人,只要知道付出爱与关心,她内心自然会被爱与关心充满。 A person, as long as the love and care to know, her heart will naturally be filled with love and care. 73、昨天已经过去,明天还是个未知数,把握今天,努力奋斗吧! Yesterday is past, tomorrow is still unknown, grasp today, work hard! 74、我是一只小蚂蚁,但我是强大的!除了我个体的强大以外,还因为我属于团队! I was an ant, but I am strong! In addition to my strong individual, but also because I belong to the team! 75、你是你的敌人,只有你才能打倒你;你是你的上帝,只有你才能拯救你。 You are your enemy, only you can defeat you;you are your God, only you can save you. 76、活在忙与闲的两种境界里,才能俯仰自得,享受生活的乐趣,成就人生的意义。 Live in the two realms of busy and leisure in order to pitch with the enjoyment of life, the achievements of the meaning of life. 77、加倍努力,证明你想要的不是空中楼阁。胜利是在多次失败之后才姗姗而来。 To redouble their efforts to prove that you want is not castles in the air. Victory is in after many failures to just shanshan. 78、对于每一个不利条件,都会存在与之相对应的有利条件。 For each adverse condition, there is a favorable condition for the existence of the opposite.作文 79、定期去检查身体吧,别等最后别人送你去。 Regularly check your body, don't wait for the last one to send you. 80、第一个青春是上帝给的;第二个的青春是靠自己努力的。 The first youth is given by God;the second youth is to rely on their own efforts. 81、最快乐的人并不是一切东西都是最好的,但他们会充分享受自己已有的东西。 The happiest of people don't have the best of everything, they make the most of what they already have. 82、一个人到处分心,就一处也得不到美满的结果;这样的人若遇事不顺意,岂足为怪? A person is a distraction everywhere, also can not get good result;if such people failing to Shunyi, foot to blame? 83、世界上有两种人:索取者和给予者。前者也许能吃得更好,但后者绝对能睡得更香。 There are two kinds of people in the world: the claimant and the giver. The former may eat better, but the latter absolutely can sleep better. 84、成功者学习别人的经验,一般人学习自己的经验。 Successful people learn from other people's experience, the average person to learn their own experience. 85、成功是一个过程,并不是一个结果。 Success is a process, not a result. 86、生气是拿别人做错的事来惩罚自己。 Being angry is to punish yourself for what others have done wrong. 87、只有第一名可以教你如何成为第一名。 Only the first one can teach you how to be the first. 88、完全照成功者的方法来执行。 A method to perform a complete success.本文地址:英语人生格言
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