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1、人不光是靠他生来就拥有的一切,而是靠他从学习中所得来的一切来造就自己。 Man is not only by his born to have everything, but by his learning from all to create their own. 2、成功不是将来才有的,而是从决定去做的那一刻起,持续累积而成。 Success is not in the future, but from the moment it is decided to do it, it will continue to accumulate. 3、世界上没有不学习的人,知识是无边无际的,我们要活到老,学到老。 Nothing in the world is not learning, knowledge is boundless, we should live and learn. 4、外语是人生斗争的一种武器。 A foreign language is a weapon in the struggle of life. 5、最本质的人生价值就是人的独立性。 The most essential value of life is the person's independence. 6、读好书—如同与世上的先杰交谈。 To read a good book is like a conversation with the world's first. 7、万事莫如亲下手。 Everything is pro. 8、让咱们将事前的忧虑,换为事前的思考和计划吧。 Let us put forward the worry, for the thought and the plan beforehand. 9、学问是异常珍贵的东西,从任何源泉吸收都不可耻。 Learning is a precious thing, and it is not a shame to absorb anything from any source. 10、前进的理由只要一个,后退的却有无数个,给自己一个理由。前进! The reason to go forward as long as one, but there are many back, give yourself a reason. forward! 11、好问的人,只做了五分种的愚人;耻于发问的人,终身为愚人。 Ask people, only five minutes of fools;ashamed to ask people for a lifetime. 12、成功呈概率分布,关键是你能不能坚持到成功开始呈现的那一刻。 Success probability distribution, the key is that you can not stick to the beginning of the success of the moment. 13、立下人生志向,活出人生精彩;铺好今天沙石,走出明天大道。 Make life ambition, live a wonderful life today;paved sand, out of the road tomorrow. 14、有热情而无知识,犹如有火焰而无光芒。 Zeal without knowledge is fire without light. 15、拒绝学习而告终。 To end up learning. 16、把自我当傻瓜,不懂就问,你会学的更多。 The self as a fool, do not ask, you will learn more. 17、黑发不知勤学早,白头方悔读书迟。 Energy-saving, white square regret later reading. 18、真正的学者真正了不起的地方,是暗暗做了许多伟大的工作而生前并不因此出名。 A genuine scholar truly amazing place, is secretly do many great work and was not so famous. 19、不见不识,不做不会。 I do not see. 20、游手好闲的学习并不比学习游手好闲好。 Idle learning than not idle about good learning. 21、越聪明的人,越需要学习。 The more intelligent, more need to learn. 22、学问不是上帝恩赐的,而是靠你平时一点一滴积累的。 Knowledge is not from God, but by you every little bit of accumulation. 23、打盹会做梦,学习会圆梦。 A dream, the dream will learn. 24、纵使黑暗吞噬了一切,希望还可以重新点燃。 Even the darkness swallowed everything, hope can be rekindled. 25、见识,见识,不见不识。 See, see, see not. 26、信心是成才的基石。没有信心的人,将一事无成。 Confidence is the cornerstone of success. No confidence, will accomplish nothing. 27、把握一个今天,胜似两个明天。 One today is worth two tomorrow. 28、要想获得新知识,就必须提出大量的新问题。 We want to have new knowledge, we must put forward a lot of new problems. 29、将规范修炼成一个习惯,把认真内化成一种性格,用恒心转化为一种动力。 Will regulate the practice into a habit, take seriously into a character, with perseverance into a power. 30、成功与不成功之间有时距离很短只要后者再向前几步。自己打败自己是最可悲的失败,自己战胜自己是最可贵的胜利。 Successful and unsuccessful sometimes between a short distance as long as the latter again a few steps forward. To defeat their own is the most tragic failure to overcome their own is the most valuable victory. 31、天才是一分灵感加九十九分血汗。 Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine perspiration. 32、最珍贵的财富是时间,最大的浪费是虚度流年。 Time is the most precious wealth, is the biggest waste of time wasted. 33、获得知识的第一步是要知道自己无知。 The first step to knowledge is to know his ignorance. 34、学习是劳动,是充满思想的劳动。 Learning is work, work is full of ideas. 35、人是不可能十全十美的,只有不断取长补短,改正缺点,才能越来越完美。 People can not be perfect in every respect, only to learn from each other作文http://Www.ZuoWen8.coM/, in order to correct the shortcomings, more and more perfect. 36、知识是一座宝库,而实践就是开启宝库的钥匙。 Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. 37、学到很多东西的诀窍,就是一下子不要学很多。 The trick is to learn many things, suddenly don't learn a lot. 38、懒人嘴里明天多。 Lazy mouth tomorrow. 39、知识就是力量,知识就是安全,知识就是幸福 Knowledge is power, knowledge is safety, knowledge is happiness. 40、有志者自有千计万计,无志者只感千难万难。 There is own thousands of millions, there are only extremely difficult. 41、成功的人是跟别人学习经验,失败的人只跟自己学习经验。 Successful people are learning experiences with others, people who fail only with their own learning experience. 42、熟读游泳学,不如下大河 Familiar with swimming, not under the river 43、学习,不分贵贱,勤奋不分聪愚,成败,不分天才,时间,证明成就。 Study hard, without distinction, regardless of success or failure, regardless of Cong Yu, genius, time, proof of achievement. 44、少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。 An idle youth a needy age. 45、发一回水,澄一次泥;经一回事,长一回智。 A backwater, a clear mud;after a long time wise thing. 46、平坦的道路是坎坷走过的成因,优秀的成绩是努力学习的见证。 Flat road is bumpy traversed the origin, outstanding achievement is hard to witness. 47、天平是轻重的衡量器,实践是是非的试金石。 Balance is important measure, practice is a touchstone. 48、清晨不起早,误一天的事;幼年不勤学,误一生的事。 Morning early error a day;age hard life, error. 49、不渴望能够一跃千里,只希望每天能够前进一步。 Not eager to leap a thousand miles, can only hope that day forward. 50、人在山外觉山小,人进山中知山深。 People in the mountains outside the small people in the mountains know Jue, mountain deep. 51、新想法常常瞬息即逝,必须集中精力,牢记在心,及时捕获。 New ideas are often fleeting, we must concentrate on, keep in mind, timely capture. 52、不爬崎岖的高山,不知大地的平坦。 Don't climb the rugged mountains, not flat on the earth. 53、构成我们学习最大障碍的是已知的东西,而不是未知的东西。 Which we study the biggest obstacle is known, rather than the unknown. 54、谁把一生的光阴虚度,便是抛下黄金未买一物。 Who is the life of the time wasted, is not throwing the gold to buy a thing. 55、荆条编小篮,看着容易做着难。 Make small thorns, look easy doing hard. 56、重复是学习之母。 Repetition is the mother of learning. 57、把学问过于用作装饰是虚假;完全依学问上的规则而断事是书生的怪癖。 To use them too much for ornament is completely false;by learning the rules of breaking things is the humor of a scholar. 58、挥霍金钱是败坏物,虚度年华是败坏人。 Money is corrupt, wasting time is ruining. 59、不读书则愚,不思考则浅,不多练则生,不巧用则钝。 You're not reading, not thinking is shallow, practice is not born, but the use is blunt. 60、珍宝丢失了还可以找到,时间丢失了永远找不到。 Treasure lost can also be found, the time lost will never find. 61、当你还不能对自己说今天学到了什幺东西时,你就不要去睡觉。 When you still cannot say to yourself today have learned something, you don't go to sleep. 62、当攀上顶峰时,便能饱览美景。 When climbing on the peak, we can enjoy the beauty. 63、生命是一条平静的长河,知识就是那可以激起浪花的石子。 Life is a river of peace, knowledge is the stone that can be stirred up by the waves. 64、人生犹如一本书,愚蠢者草草翻过,聪明人细细阅读。为何如此正因他们只能读它一次。 Life is like a book, a foolish man carelessly, smart people read. Why is it so precisely because they can only read it once. 65、等时间的人,就是浪费时间的人。 Waiting time is a waste of time. 66、只会幻想而不会行动的人,永远也体会不到收获果实的喜悦。 A man who can only dream and not act will never know the joy of the harvest. 67、只有从小刻苦勤奋,长大才能接受种种挑战。 Only from the hard hard work, grow up to accept challenges. 68、时间是一笔贷款,即使是一个诚实的还贷者也无法还清。 Time is a loan, even an honest person is unable to pay off the loan.作文 69、不下水,一辈子不会游泳;不扬帆,一辈子不会撑船。 The water, never swim;don't sail, never punt. 70、不大可能的事也许今天实现,根本不可能的事也许明天会实现。 Impossible today may achieve impossible. Maybe tomorrow will come. 71、世界上只有两种力量:剑和笔;而其结果,后者总是战胜前者。 There are only two kinds of power: the sword and the pen;and as a result, the former is always. 72、成功包含着黄连与蜂蜜,黄连在成功前吞咽,蜂蜜在成功后品尝。 Success and honey contains berberine in Coptis, successfully before swallowing, after tasting honey. 73、聪明的人有长的耳朵和短的舌头。 The wise man has long ears and a short tongue. 74、读书是最好的学习,追随伟大人物的思想,是富有趣味的事情啊。 Reading is the best way to learn, follow the great man's thinking, is full of interesting things. 75、知识是取之不尽,用之不竭的。只有最大限度地挖掘它,才能体会到学习的乐趣。 Knowledge is inexhaustible, inexhaustible. Only maximize it, can experience the fun of learning. 76、一日无二晨,时过不再临。 One day two morning, when not coming. 77、莫为失败找借口,只为成功找机会。 No excuses for failure, only to find the opportunity for success. 78、不好企图永远活下去,你不会成功的。 Don't try to live forever, you will not succeed.本文地址:英语学习格言
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