My winter vacation

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I always believe that, as a college student, we are expected to make full use of the winter vacation。 It is a good time to participate in social activities。 Therefore, I made up my mind to get involved in voluntary work and devote myself to community service。 Originally, I was arranged to visit The Home For The Elderly in our community with others。 Since it’s the first time for me to take good care of the strangers, I prepared a lot in advance。 Then, I started my brand-new experience。 Upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the elderly who were sitting in the yard and bathed in the sunlight。 With pleasure, we chatted quite a few fresh stories hap作文http://www.zuowen8.compened in our young life and many unforgettable experience in their past time。 I deeply realized that, one day, I would become one of them with sparse hair and deep wrinkles。 At that time, I wouldn’t depend on myself totally and I might long for others’ care to some extent。 When I have to be confronted with the fact which will inevitable happen in the future, I would like to spare some time to take care of the elderly to make contributions to myself and society at present 。 When it was time for us to leave, they said, it was a rather nice day and thanked for our kindness。 As for me, I obtained a lot about this great experience。 “Thank you for your lesson。”本文地址:My winter vacation英语作文
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